Rowland Unified Orchestra Parent Booster Club

High School Orchestra Banquet 2018-2019 Photo-booth

High School Orchestra Banquet 2018-2019 Photo-booth


ROwland Unified Orchestra Parent Booster

The Rowland Unified Orchestra Parent Booster was first established and formally board approved in December 2017. This booster is a district-wide booster that holds any secondary orchestras under the direction of Mr.Chen under its umbrella. By creating one overarching booster, we are able to operate under one unified goals while having the flexibility to operate as smaller individual boosters for each orchestra.

Why have a parent Booster?

A parent booster is a sign of strength for any music program. Parent boosters not only help to advocate for the group that it is supporting but they also help with the following:

  • Organizing events

  • Fundraising for the group

  • Promote the music program

  • Volunteer

  • Support the organization

  • Support the music director so that they can focus on teaching

Who can join?

Any parent of a student currently in orchestra that is in the Rowland Unified School District can participate in our booster, even if your student is in elementary strings.

Note* Only students currently in an orchestra under the direction of Mr. Chen can apply for a core officer position.

Why should I join?

Joining the orchestra booster has many benefits such as

How do I join?

If you are interested in joining, please click the button below and fill out the form. We will review your application and get back to you as soon as possible!


  1. President (Core Position)

    Assist director in planning and implementing fundraising and other orchestra activities. Coordinate overall parent support and communications. 

  2. Treasurer (Core Position)

    Maintain records fundraising activities, and general Orchestra accounting.

  3. Secretary (Core Position)

    Take minutes of monthly meetings and submit report to members not in attendance and to the school administration

  4. Webmaster (Core Position)

    Maintain and update orchestra website year-round

  5. Communications (Support Position)

    Update orchestra Gmail account at beginning of year to add new families and remove graduates.  Coordinate with director to send out weekly Email blasts to families with news and reminders. Send out Sign-Up Genius messages soliciting volunteers for concert and other support.  

  6. Photographer (Support Position) 2 positions available

    Attend and photograph all concert events and other key activities. Transmit photos to webmaster for publication on website

  7. Videographer (Support Position) 2 positions available

    Attend and videotape all concert events and other key activities.  Transmit videos to webmaster for publication on website. Edit and upload video to Youtube Channel

  8. Concert Support (Support Position) 3 positions available

    Assist director in taking pre-concert attendance, stage set-up and decorating and manning post-concert receptions.