Cello Choir


Why a cello choir?

The idea of a cello choir spawned from both a need and a want. Cellos are large instruments, not exactly the type of instrument that you would want to carry everyday around school. It’s intimidating to the onlooker but within its fierce size is a beautifully deep and mellow tone that is just waiting to be expressed.

Unfortunately, there are just not enough cellists in our district and I wanted more students to give it a chance. At the same time, I just wanted to create a group for us cellists to belong and make awesome music together.

The Cello Choir is open to any 7-12th grade students that are interested in learning or are already playing the cello. My goal is to use this ensemble to spread how awe-inspiring this instrument can be, and hopefully influence the younger students in our community to give it a try.

Provide your own cello and we will provide everything else including rehearsal space, music, and lessons.

We meet at Rowland High School every Thursday in the band and orchestra room from 4:30-6:30 PM.

Please email Mr. Chen if interested in joining!