Elementary Strings


Elementary StrinG PROGRAM

Our elementary program covers grades 4th-6th and is where students first start off on Violin, Viola, or Cello. In 4th grade students are given the opportunity to try one of these instruments and learn the fundamentals of instrumental playing. Students are also given performance opportunities throughout the year in our annual winter and spring concerts.

In addition to the classroom setting, students can also participate in our weekly String’s Nights class that take place after school at Jellick Elementary from 4-6pm in the multi-purpose room. Students who performance exceeds class standards have the opportunity to participate in the Elementary Honor Orchestra.

The annual Rowland Unified School District String Music Festival will be held on Friday, April 19, 2019 at the Nogales High School Gymnasium. All string students will perform at this spectacular event which features students from all grade levels of the school district. There will be a rehearsal scheduled for April 18 at the Nogales high school gym. Elementary students will need to arrive by 3:40 with their instrument and music (cases should be left in the car). This concert is the combination of hard work by teachers, students, and administrators of all schools within the Rowland Unified School District. Please join us for spectacular music filled event. Your support is genuinely appreciated.

Elementary Rehearsal Schedule

Thurs, April 18 Nogales High School Gym

3:30-4:00 Elementary Honor Orchestra (arrive by 3:10)

4:00-4:30 All Elementary Strings (arrive by 3:40)

4:30-5:00 Finale Rehearsal (ALL GROUPS ARRIVE BY 4:10)


Fri, April 19 Nogales High School Gym

5:30 All Elementary Students Arrive

7:00 Concert Begins