Jonathan Chen


Jonathan Chen - High School String Director

Jonathan Chen holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music from the University of California, Irvine. He also received his teaching credential in music at Irvine, as well as his Masters of Arts in Teaching. He also holds a double minor in education and digital arts.

Jonathan started playing cello ever since he was in the 1st grade and participated in many school orchestras and continued all the way through his first two years in college. He participated in the SCSBOA Honor Orchestra in middle school, and has also completed the Certificate of Merit for music in cello level 10. He has also performed at Carnegie Hall in middle school with the Suzanne Middle School Orchestra and was also featured in a cello quartet.

Jonathan is currently the High School String Director in the Rowland Unified School District and teaches at multiple schools in the district. He currently teaches at Nogales High School, Rowland High School, Telesis Academy, and Oswalt Academy. He is also the director of the district Honor Orchestra, Cello Choir, and is the advisor of the Caring Through Music Club at Rowland High School.