Luminous - Light Up the Dark

Luminous is Rowland Unified School District’s first music ensemble to combine electric string instruments with traditional electric instruments such as electric guitar, electric bass guitar, electric keyboard and also include a drummer and singers.

The vision of this group is to bring musicians together from different styles of music and to cover popular songs with their own personality. We want to inspire our audience and literally light up any venue with our performance.

Recruiting the following:

  1. Electric Violin (2 Positions available)

  2. Electric Viola (1 Position available)

  3. Electric Cello (1 Position available)

  4. Electric Guitar (1 Position available)

  5. Electric Bass Guitar or Electric String Bass (1 Position available)

  6. Drum set (1 Position available)

  7. Electric Keyboard (1 Position available)

  8. Male Lead Singer (1 Position available)

  9. Female Lead Singer (1 Position available)

  10. Lighting Technician (1 Position available)

  11. Sound Technician (1 Position available)

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Audition Information

Auditions will be done via video. Please complete the audition registration and submit your video to the following Google Form below. Thank you!