Rowland Unified Orchestra Parent Booster


ROwland Unified Orchestra Parent Booster

The Rowland Unified Orchestra Parent Booster was first established and formally board approved in December 2017. This booster is a district-wide booster that holds any secondary orchestras under the direction of Mr.Chen under its umbrella. By creating one overarching booster, we are able to operate under one unified goals while having the flexibility to operate as smaller individual boosters for each orchestra. The founding members include:

Hazel Dimalanta - President

Susan Eng - Treasurer

Donna Gemeniano - Secretary

Why a parent Booster?

A parent booster is a sign of strength for any music program. Parent boosters not only help to advocate for the group that it is supporting but they also help with:

  • Organizing events

  • Fundraising for the group

  • Volunteer

  • Support the organization

Orchestra Boosters

  • Telesis Academy Orchestra Parent Booster

  • Oswalt Academy Orchestra Parent Booster

  • Nogales High School Orchestra Parent Booster

  • Rowland High School Orchestra Parent Booster

  • Rowland Unified Honor Orchestra Parent Booster

How do I join?

If you are interested in joining, please contact the president of the booster that you are interested in joining. For other inquiries, please contact Mr.Chen @